2017 Herbal Foundations Apprenticeship


Registration is Open!

Is a life of wellness, lived closer in harmony with Nature calling to you? 

The 2017 Gaiananda (Earth-Bliss) Herbal Foundations Apprenticeship Program begins January 2017.


You will learn:

  • the history of plant medicine from Western and Eastern perspectives
  • plant constitution and properties
  • how to formulate remedies and choose herbs based on their healing properties
  • how to gather herbs that honor the plant, the Earth, and their potency
  • how to make tinctures, teas, salves, lotions, oils, herbal sprays, flower essences, and more
  • how to identify and treat the system and underlying condition that is out of balance
  • actual case studies
  • seasonal tonics and lifestyle choices that support health and create balance with Nature
  • plant identification based on herbal walks
  • how to create healing allies with the plants


Each month the class will learn a system of the body (digestive, nervous, etc.), the common ailments associated with it; the conditions that create dis-ease; food as medicine; ancient, proven plant preparations that nourish and support our spirit/mind/body complex; specific solutions for men, women and children; and the best way to complement new-age pharmaceuticals.


Upon completion of the program, which includes homework and reading assignments totaling approximately 160 hours, you will have the hands-on knowledge to create basic remedies that nourish yourself, your family, and Gaia.


January 7-8, February 4-5, March 11-12, April 8-9, April 29- 30, May 20-21, June 10-11. (Subject to changes based on participants but always on weekends).

Time:  9-5 on Saturday; 10-5 on Sunday

Fee:  $1,300 which includes manual, supplies, snacks, and instruction.

Textbooks:  Students will need to purchase 4 books that are used in class and for homework assignments. 


For more information or to request a registration form, please contact Pat Harpell: pharpell@gmail.com.