About Us

The SC Herbal Society (SCHS) was formed in 2011 to create a space for those interested in herbs to grow their knowledge and enthusiasm.  We welcome everybody to join, learn, share and participate.

Our programs will aspire to cover "all things herbal" through a range of topics that address culinary, medicinal, garden design and care, folk lore, modern research and more.

Become a member to receive workshop and retail discounts as well as free monthly educational sessions, or visit us when a topic inspires you.

Pat Harpell, founder of the SC Herbal Society, is happiest when there is dirt under her fingernails. 


In addition to being the fuel behind the SCHS, she launched an Herbal Apprenticeship program in Charleston that has graduated over 60 community herbalists, is a guest teacher and speaker, and maintains a sustainable, organic garden in her hometown of Charleston where perennials, vegetables and herbs teach her how to grow.  

Pat has had the great honor of taking herbal and medicinal studies with Sarita Shrestha, MD, Rosemary Gladstar, Matthew Wood, Madelon Hope, Tommy Priester, Phyllis Light, Margi Flint, Anne McIntyre, David Dalton, Dr. Ming Wu, many other sages, and her greatest teacher, Mother Nature.


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SC Herbal Society

1049 Fogarty Lane

Cainhoy, SC 29492